Social Media Day 2016

We’re celebrating the 5th Social Media Day together with our online communities from North Luzon, Manila, and other cities in the Philippines. We would like you to be a PARTNER!

We’re celebrating how social media is more powerful than ever – it can empower. It can move. It can bridge.

We’ve experienced collaboration and brainstorming through Facebook. How the world can make ideas come to life through crowdfunding. How the common folk have influenced public thought and policies. How a video gone viral can bring justice to a victim.

This 2016, Social Media Day Philippines is
a reminder that we can use social media to bridge, to give a voice and to empower.

Let’s stand together as a people. Rebuild, reconnect, reboot, refriend. After all the negativity that has flooded our feeds, it’s time to make the conversation positive and productive again. Let us celebrate social media’s triumphs and recall its potential. Let us harness social media’s power in bringing people together, in crossing boundaries, and merging divides.

#TayoPH #SMDay will be on JUNE 30, Thursday, 6-10 pm, Samsung Hall, SM Aura