Social Media Day 2014

Carrying the theme “‪#‎boomPH‬”, Social Media Day 2014 will be a festive celebration of the different milestones that made a great impact in the digital landscape of the Philippines. It will highlight topics about the many opportunities that come with the existence of these platforms; their positive impact on the lives of Filipinos, and the promotion of prosperity for users and connectivity for all making the world a giant web of possibilities.

As 2014 marks also the 20th anniversary of the Philippines’ first connection to the internet, Social Media Day 2014 will pay tribute to the pioneers whose small steps lead the giant leap for Filipinos. We will be recognizing their ingenuity and most valuable contribution that continues to shape our country and culture day by day.

Social Media Day 2014 will also feature the first #boomPH (Best of Online Media) Awards to honor excellent and outstanding social media and digital accomplishments of the different communities involved.